Treatment Tips For Lumbar Arthritis By Chiropractic Care and PEMF

Lumbar Arthritis Causes

How does PEMF relieve back pain?

PEMF has proven to be very effective for osteoporosis treatment because of improved blood supply and increased oxygen levels activating and regenerating cells. This results in improved calcium transport and absorption in the bones, decreasing pain dramatically. This additional bone density results in improved fracture healing and less risk of breaking bones.

Arthritis is a generalized term meaning “inflammation of the joint”.  We more commonly use it to describe the break down and degeneration of the joint which can be due to trauma, instability, repetitive stress or normal wear and tear as we age. In this article we disquess abou symptom of lower back pain and treatment tips for lumbar arthritis.

Symptoms of lower back or lumbar arthritis include pain, stiffness, instability, and weakness of the muscles in the lumbar spine.

Arthritis generally develops in our 40’s but repetitive stress (ie. Sitting long periods, running, etc) can cause it to develop as early as out 20’s.  Because arthritis leads to degeneration, or breakdown of the joint, it also affects other structures like the discs and facet joints, making injury and pain to these areas more common.

Much of the structural damage to the joint cannot be reversed, but arthritis is still treatable!  Treatment goals focus on improving the function of the joint through proper stretching, strengthening and mobilization.  With the muscles and joints functioning properly we can significantly decrease and even eliminate the pain normally associated with arthritis.

If you have back pain or suspect you have arthritis, it is important to be evaluated by a professional immediately, and discover PEMF!

The good news is that PEMF8000 can help!  We have successfully treated patients with Back Arthritis through gentle therapeutic procedures.

Proper evaluation is key to finding the underlying cause of your back pain. A few of the clinical signs that often accompany back pain are inflammation, muscle/tendon tightness and tenderness, decreased joint mobility, decreased ligament stability and decreased strength.

 Once the muscles, tendons and ligaments involved are identified, the initial phase of care will focus on controlling inflammation which will naturally result in decreased pain levels. Cryotherapy, such as heat and ice, or more advanced techniques utilizing a state of the art therapeutic laser, may be used.

The next phase of care involves working to restore proper function to the muscles and joint.  This can be done through gentle manual therapy techniques including massage, myofascial release, post isometric relaxation, stretching, and specific joint mobilization procedures which can be done manually or with the Arthrostim joint mobilizing tool.

 Once the pain is sufficiently under control we can begin the final and most important phase of strengthening the involved muscles to once again provide joint stability and prevent re-injury in the future.  This is done through specific rehabilitative exercises that are adjusted and modified based on your condition and tolerance.

If left untreated, these conditions can lead to chronic pain and even degeneration of the back.  Early intervention and treatment will allow you to get out of pain faster and lead to better outcomes for your back in the future.

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